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    Live Map

    Keep track of your vehicles with accurate location tracking provided in real time. And with our unique geo-fencing feature, we can alert you when vehicles stray out of their designated operating area or fuel cards are used away from their registered vehicles.

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    Driver Performance

    Monitor and identify the drivers with inefficient styles costing your business money. Harsh braking and acceleration use more fuel than necessary and could also indicate an unsafe driving style.

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    Street View

    Use Google Maps street view within GPS Software online management tool to get a full, 360 degree panning view of your fleets location. This can help with remote navigation when drivers are lost, or to check on drivers not responding to messages.

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    Journey History

    Access historical journeys and review them in a choice of formats, whether its individual journey maps or utilisation reports including driver and vehicle performance. This helps you ensure drivers are reimbursed fairly for the time they work, and to monitor and reduce vehicle down-time.

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    Vehicle Peformance

    Measure your vehicles performance and receive up to date and accurate fuel efficiency analysis. Spotting an inefficient vehicle will help you reduce your fuel bills and potentially identify a maintenance issue before it becomes a serious and expensive problem.

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    Call & Text

    Keep in touch with drivers through our one-click call and text feature. This can help with efficient job allocation, reducing vehicle down-time and help your business complete as many paying jobs in the working day as possible.

Fuel Card Integration

For the first time, fuel card and telematics data can be fully integrated to give you the most comprehensive overview of your fleet ever. Velocity automatically combines the datasets meaning all fuel spend and vehicle activity can be viewed through one online account management tool.

With fuel card transaction data and vehicle tracking data combined, you can see kilometres per litre figures for each of your vehicles and check real time fuel efficiency.

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